You are invited to a free conference call
Thursday, March 9th at 7:00pm EST

You are invited to a free conference call

Led by Guy Lone Eagle, this call will be an introduction to some advanced curriculums on studies that address our Commons: our clean air, clean water, and the rights of all species to co-create. Commons also refers to an environmental theology based on the oral and academic traditions of hunter-gatherer and agricultural societies. The goal of the dreamers is to access renewal wisdom from our ancestral history and from partnership with nature.

Some may ask: Who are the dreamers? They are spirits/seekers of knowledge in various forms that unite magic and science.

The conference call will also lend insight to the Ways of the Dreamers and Lighting the Eighth Fire, a workshop being offered in Santa Fe April 7th.  “Lighting” is a symbol of awakening. Lighting the 8th Fire was interpreted by the Elders as a unification of dreamers to dream “in” a new way of experiencing this planet.  (For more information on the workshop, click here Ways of the Dreamers and Lighting of the Eighth Fire Santa Fe Workshop)


                                                                   Free conference call March 9th at 7:00pm Eastern Time:

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