I’ve been involved in a Circle called the Dreamers’ Cosmology with some comrades in the Four Corners area of the US. We have been exploring a set of guidelines for the Dreamer to be used for those looking for common, nature-based teachings, that will help us navigate through these current times. It is rooted in inclusiveness and honoring all of the Natural worlds. Those folks who are interested in working with these guidelines and exploring the mystery surrounding them are showing up at gatherings that have begun to help the movement forward. We are exploring various formats for delivery, and they will be evolving…like we all are! I thought you might like to get a sense for this exploration. Attached is the transcript from a recent gathering that took place in Silver City, NM given by Guy Lone Eagle where he is sharing the Lighting of the Eighth Fire prophecy that we’re working within and a flavor for the medicine wheels. There will be longer, more in-depth lodges and discussions taking place in the upcoming weeks in Silver City, Santa Fe New Mexico, as well as in Durango, Colorado and possibly Moab, Utah. We are also being prepared to take these teachings anywhere they are being called, so if you are drawn to sponsoring a lodge, feel free to get in touch with me and we can discuss further. Introduction to Ways of the Dreamers and Lighting the Eighth Fire