2018 Monthly Community Conference Calls

Greetings all!

We are about to embark on a new, pilot format for the next three Wednesday conference calls–July 11, August 13, and September 12, from 6 to 8pm MDT. These monthly calls are open for anyone interested in the Renewable Wisdom Trails, no prior experience necessary.

The new pilot format will follow this discussion forum for the next few months, with the opening and closing ‘flow through’ new folks will quickly find room to express themselves in an already strong circle.  In this new format, we’ll begin promptly at 6pm, so please plan to call in to the conference five minutes earlier.


  • Eagle will open with a mini-review of our previous conference topic and a summary of the evening’s teaching.
  • We will go around the circle with a simple sharing our name, location, and why we’re on the call.  We will not be doing ‘check-ins’ as we have in the past.
  • The teaching for the evening
  • Talking Circle with Eagle, a time for comments and questions


  • Open discussion moderated by a volunteer for the evening

Eagle’s teaching on July 11th will continue to expand the Encoding/Decoding process, especially within the framework of our 6th protocol, Participation in the Dance.  He also has a ceremony from the Renewable Wisdom Trails knowledge bundle that he would like to share with us — more about that on the 11th!  From 7:30 to 8pm  on July 11th Dreamweaver will be our moderator.  If you would like to volunteer to lead in August or September, please contact Eagle soon!

There are two intentions for new this open forum.  One is to give each participant an opportunity to answer the questions that others pose.  In this way we can each begin to take on the responsibility of formulating and sharing what we have been integrating from these teachings.  The second is to encourage new participants to join our circle.

Cost: $25 each class, including the class recording.

Please contact Dreamweaver on the contact page with any questions or for further details for the dial-in and paypal information.


Open invitation to all interested in participating in the ongoing Renewable Wisdom Trails monthly conference call. These are community gathering/teachings.

Calls take place once a month, about 2 hours long, and have folks joining in from all around the country. International dialin information is also available.

The exchange is $25 per call.

Info for upcoming June call:

Agenda: Introductions in a Talking Stick Format that includes a check-in sharing about weaving knowledge into daily living
Teaching: Summer season’s growing of Imprinting properties; encoding and decoding
When: June 13th 2018, 6 to 8 PM Mountain Time

Please contact Dreamweaver on the contact page with any questions or for further details for the dial-in and paypal information.

We look forward to sharing with everyone on the call.

Course offerings for Fall 2018

Announcements coming soon.

The first two courses will be offered in their entirety starting January 2018 for both new and existing students.

Course 02 Fire in the Womb – starting January 9th 2018

The second course will make a pass through the Renewable Wisdom Trails’ twinning cosmology with special emphasis on the fires of Stars and Suns designated by the numbers 11/1. We will gather seeds (intentions) and plant the qualities of awareness and presence. These qualities are characterized by the consciousness inside and outside a body. The body refers to any host form that contains properties. Examples are human, animal, plant, mineral, Earth, Sun and so on.

For more information you can read the Renewable Wisdom Trails Course 2 Final Abstract or contact us here.

If you are interested but have not yet taken Course 01, please read below.

Course 01 Seeding of the Dream: An Introduction to the Renewable Wisdom Trails – starting January 17th 2018

Using firsthand observation, experience, and the teachings of the Renewable Wisdom Trails, this introduction and orientation course, is the first of an ongoing series and prepares each student with the solid foundation necessary for any of the further courses. We will concentrate on the introduction and orientation of the first 10 levels for mastery and co-create addressing questions raised during class from given tasks. During these dynamic calls, topics and discussion will include: sensory self-defense, language, protocols and guidelines in alignment with nature, cosmology, how symbols and experiences are archived within our body and consciousness, as well as various methods of training in alignment with the “Lighting of the Eighth Fire”.

Any level of student is encouraged to participate, as well as the welcoming of all lineages.

For registration and additional information you can read the Renewable Wisdom Trails Course 01 abstract or contact us here .