Braided Traditions provides all services in the model of the natural science of oral teachings. It is a guiding model and framework that allows mapping to a variety of situations: personal, family, business, and community. Services follow a circular model to allow for the full cycle of a creative process for all participants. It is no longer optional  to just think about what needs to be done or try and be more sustainable. The time for efficient action is now.


Everything is related and operating in a whole system. The services are aligned to provide whole measures of assessing needs, and approaching each situation in a way that is on a trajectory of balancing with Nature. Our services are focused in a similar manner as to mimic nature.


To provide a deep understanding, our services focus on finding a catalyst zone within an application. The catalyst zone is an area in a natural ecosystem where knowledge is traded, mixed and integrated before returning to its point of origin. An example of a catalyst zone is brackish water; the area where fresh water and salt water mix. The zone is often called “the intellect of the place” or the “place of natural selection”. By findings and understanding where the catalyst zone exists, knowledge can be extracted and therefore communicated for effective decision making.

A challenge that is revealed within each experience is the need to re-learn and re-educate that we function in a whole system that includes the catalyst zone. Current models often divide experiences and applications into individual components which lack the inclusion of the catalyst zone. Our process takes a multi-stage strategy to approach this challenge by identifying and working with the catalyst zone.

First Step

Time is a valuable resource that is non-renewable. Services provided by Braided Traditions are applicable to a wide variety of projects and industries. We work with clients in many fields on diverse applications, but that doesn’t mean the services are for everyone. To be most efficient with our clients, as well as ourselves, we offer the following questions:

  • Have you been looking for ways to make you, your project or organization more congruent with its use of resources and how that can help to be more socially responsible?
  • Have you been trying to find, or ever considered finding, an accurate measurement as to how efficient you, your project or organization really is?
  • Have you,  your project or organization been ‘off balance’ for some time and no matter what is done it just doesn’t seem to help?
  • Do you have a strong intention to understand the entire ‘ecosystem’ of yourself, your project or organization and what changes can be made to have it functioning in harmony with both internal and external resources?
  • Do you have a project that has been stagnant or continually plagued with scheduling and budget overruns or staff that keeps turning over?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, then our services can be of great assistance and value to you, your project, or your organization. If the answers are ‘no’ to all, then no sense in us wasting your time, or ours.

Our Services include:

  • Whole system nature-based consulting for organizations and groups
  • Organizational evaluations, analysis, strategy and scorecard reporting
  • Research for identifying input/output measures into project applications
  • Living in balance: alignment services for whole holistic health including personal, business, industry, property and ecosystems
  • Speaking, panelist and writing engagements
  • Integrative experiences for organizations, groups, and individuals
  • Outreaches and workshops

Examples of previous projects:

  • Ceremonial guidance for renewal, rebirth, and other transitional states.
  • Project kickoffs and evaluation milestones.
  • Purchases, re-locations, and leasing of land, offices, and homes.
  • Manuscript completion for book publication that included multiple scouting journeys and dream integration.
  • Use of ancient wisdom techniques for conflict resolution.
  • Single and multi-day intensives for team building in a natural setting.

For more information to discuss ways our services can assist your project, please