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2019 Monthly Community Conference Calls

Winter’s Robe SeriesRenewable Wisdom Trails Community Outreach The upcoming outreach is in honor of the many keepers of earth’s history before organized social systems and laws became necessary. One such person was an elder keeper and personal friend. She recently… Continue Reading →

2018 Monthly Conference Call Teachings

Greetings all! We are about to embark on a new, pilot format for the next three Wednesday conference calls–July 11, August 13, and September 12, from 6 to 8pm MDT. These monthly calls are open for anyone interested in the Renewable Wisdom Trails, no prior… Continue Reading →

Course Offerings Jan 2018

We’re excited to be offering both course 01 – Seeding of the Dream, and course 02 – Fire in the Womb starting in January 2018. Both will be offered through teleconference calls to be inclusive of all participants, where ever you… Continue Reading →

Fever in the Oceans

What if you ran a temperature of 102 all the time? It would not be long before your body would just shutdown and die off. We’re not meant to function with a fever of 102 degrees. The coral reefs are… Continue Reading →

An Iceberg and a Blade of Grass

By now you have probably seen some news outlet post about the giant iceberg, some 2,200 sq. miles, that has just broken off of the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica. If you haven’t, here is an informative post on… Continue Reading →

Finding Connection – Dreamers Circle Gathering

Next Dreamers Circle gathering of the Renewable Wisdom Trails will take place June 15th, 2017 6-8pm for an outdoor fireside community discussion. This circle is open to all, and we will discuss teachings and techniques for connection and grounding. The… Continue Reading →

Outreach Announcement: Connecting with Nature Renewable Wisdom Introduction

Introduction to the first four basic guidelines and protocols of the Renewable Wisdom Trails for Dreamers. April 26, 2017 Outdoor fireside discussion Hope you can make it. Click on flyer below for details Connecting with Nature-Outreach  

You are invited to a free conference call Thursday, March 9th at 7:00pm EST You are invited to a free conference call Led by Guy Lone Eagle, this call will be an introduction to some advanced curriculums on studies that… Continue Reading →

Ways of the Dreamer

I’ve been involved in a Circle called the Dreamers’ Cosmology with some comrades in the Four Corners area of the US. We have been exploring a set of guidelines for the Dreamer to be used for those looking for common,… Continue Reading →

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