What if you ran a temperature of 102 all the time? It would not be long before your body would just shutdown and die off. We’re not meant to function with a fever of 102 degrees. The coral reefs are trying to survive a fever in the oceans. I just finished watching  Chasing Coral, the recently released documentary on Netflix about the Coral reef disappearing at an alarming rate. Bleaching events are taking place all over the world, and this exceptional film takes the adventure underwater. The journey is a testament to commitment and love of the oceans and filming is amazing, so that anyone, not just divers and marine biologists, can see the bleaching impact and what it means for the planet. Being a diver myself, I was literally in tears watching it because I have seen first hand both the beauty and the death taking place at places around the world. To see it in timelapse real-time is another experience. It is a film well worth watching, among one of the many reasons, to witness the interconnectedness  of everything, large and small, on this blue planet of ours. This is a must watch wake up call, before all of the reefs and the ecosystems are gone, and at that point, humans wouldn’t be far behind. It is my hope and prayers that is truly is not to late. #ChasingCoral #CoralReefs #GlobalWarming