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Q: What exactly do you do?

A: Ultimately, help people find a balance in their lives to co-exist with Nature. Teachings are done in  natural science of oral teachings.  that includes a circular model to allow for the full cycle of a creative process. It is no longer optional for someone or some organization to just think about what they need to do or try and be sustainable. The time for efficient action is now. A guiding model and framework is available through our services. Take a few moments to read through the background, overview, and intentions of the  RenewalWisdomTrails-Overview Intentions (final).

Q: Who maintains and runs Braided Traditions?

A: Primarily Sue Spielman (AKA Dreamweaver). She was born and raised on Long Island in New York. After graduating from Stony Brook University with a degree in Computer Science she headed to Boston to pursue a career in leading edge technology. While working at various software companies, she had a thirst for being able to find ways to incorporate technologies into valuable and useful applications. Receiving a Masters degree in Computer Information Systems from Boston University, she continued for over 20 years as a software engineer in bleeding edge technologies. Sue has designed and architected enterprise systems for companies around the globe, authoring six books in technology and business along the way, and became a requested speaker on emerging technology both domestically and internationally. As a serial entrepreneur, Sue has experience at numerous startups, including her own consulting and high tech companies and has extensive experience leading teams and management on all levels in companies, including c-level executive management.

Being a restless Spirit pursuing excellence in the technology field, Sue was led on a journey seeking and discovering various cultures and ways of life. After many years of traveling around the world and exploring natural history on almost every continent (just Australia left!) , she was invited to study and experience different spiritual paths of knowledge that included Judaism, Buddhism, and Yogic. Remembering her constant love of nature since childhood, she moved to the western state of Colorado. She continues with over a decade of continuous study and apprenticeship under Eagle Star Blanket, a Metis Medicine Keeper, and they have together authored ‘Coyote Goes Global’.

She continues activities such as hiking, animal welfare, photography, camping, and basically anything outdoors, to widen and deepen her in close connection with Nature. Today, her travels and wide range of experience in technology co-create a lifestyle weaving ancient indigenous knowledge with the ways of Nature. She continues to provide a lens and a bridge from the technology world to the teachings of Nature.

Q: What is your book ‘Coyote Goes Global’ about?

A: Coyote Goes Global is a true tale of continuous discovery of Nature’s mysteries. Star Blanket, a Shaman and ex-farmer, and Dream Weaver, a high tech guru of metropolitan origin, embark on an adventure facing personal challenges of weaving their stories to rebuild the dream. Coyote is a legendary “Trickster” and spirit guide that assists to illuminate the Illusions and Fantasy’s that humans experience, often taking forms that are perfectly acceptable in today’s modern world. By the science, crafts, and systems of indigenous cultures, Star Blanket and Dream Weaver find contemporary solutions in Nature that guide them through barriers of beliefs, cultural traditions and their modern day dilemmas. Concurrently with the global awakening of a green movement, the book offers hope and courage to those who continue seeking doorways to their own truths. Coyote Goes Global offers a link between the past and the present that allows a new future.

Q: Can I still find your book ‘Coyote Goes Global’?

A: Yes, it is available off of Amazon. Click here

Q: Have you been to all of these places?

A: Yes, all photos and videos have been taken on many of the extraordinary places on this planet that we’ve had the chance to visit. The photos hope to share the experience of nature so that others can realize that the Earth is a breathing living being.