Background, intention, and educational offerings from the library of

Renewable Wisdom Trails

A Natural Science of Oral Teachings



Most human communities started with a connection to the Mother Earth. This connection was held strong with the land, the animals, the plants, the minerals, the sun and stars, the water, the moon, the sky, etc. Life in the old ways depended on that connection and the intimate knowledge of nature’s ways to survive. This is how it’s been for thousands of years, across continents and cultures. Each of us has ancestors that held and lived this sacred knowledge and wisdom. In our contemporary time, many aspects of that knowledge have been forgotten or lost. Using the natural science of oral teachings, the Renewable Wisdom Trails library has been coming alive. Our ancestors help us to reclaim this ancient knowledge and wisdom. The wisdom is brought forward. It is lived through the oral teachings and a conscious lifestyle. This reclaiming is needed to bring the balance back to Mother Earth, as she once knew it.

Recently, many two legged’s are being born with an advanced sensitivity to the cultural and moral conflicts being experienced today. We are the mixed bloods, mixed souls, world Bridger’s, and all-round antagonists to a world that has lost its intimacy with other species who share planet earth. Our purpose is born from this connection to the sisters and brothers of this consciousness.

The journey began with the seeding of intentions for the retrieving, securing, reclaiming, decoding of misplaced knowledge, and wisdom for Mother Earth. It started with a small group of people in 1998 during a weeklong vision quest.  The vision quest design came in dreams via strong communications in a symbolic language. The symbols came from many areas of human lifestyles and didn’t have any particular dominance in any area of life. As examples, the symbols ranged in titles from Farmers, Archeology, Hunters, Gatherers, Entertainment, Healing arts, Music, and Commerce.

This seeding action continued with years of medicine journeys involving various places and players across the globe. With commitment and persistence this seeding action eventually helped illuminate a natural taxonomy on a turtle shell. This created a surveyor’s tool that could engineer a map for the placement of retrieved knowledge. Today, many different forms of educational programs have evolved. The Seekers can now find each other and share a team-like integrity accessible to all Mother Earth’s guests. The library that keeps the knowledge is called “Renewable Wisdom Trails,” the civil legal entity is called “Braided Traditions,” and the educational courses are titled under an umbrella called “Natural Science of Oral Teachings.”

All courses and ceremonial gatherings are ongoing and are designed to be inclusive, co-creative, and expansive, providing movement regardless of starting orientation

Written by:
Sue Spielman AKA Dreamweaver
Guy Gilleshammer AKA Lone Eagle